Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive supplies?

  • That's up to you!  Mina will track for you when you are due for a refill, or you can order yourself.  You can receive refills as often as you need to meet your testing needs.   

Can I cancel at any time?  If I cancel, will I get a refund? 

  • You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees, however no refunds will be given for the original subscription purchase(s).

How does the unlimited testing subscription level work?

  • Signing up for an unlimited testing plan allows you access to our app and to request more modules at any time.  To receive more modules, a request must be made in your Pops app.  Modules to not ship automatically

    Free shipping (5-10 business days) applies to all module orders. 

    Be sure to have the Pops app open when you test.  People with unlimited plans can order modules as long as their meter readings are recorded in the app.  Our system will automatically put a hold or cancel an order if a user requests more than 300 tests (100 modules) without completing a similar amount of tests.  If you have any questions or experience any issues, please reach out to us by emailing our Customer Support Squad at

What if I already have a Pops Rebel glucose meter?  Will I get a new one with my subscription? 

  • Your subscription will start with refills if you already have a meter.  However, if you are having problems with your current meter and would like a new meter, just contact our Support Squad  

Is technical support available?

  • It sure is! If you need immediate assistance with Rebel - call, text or email us. We are available via (800) 767-7268 or

Can I change my lance level during my subscription? 

  • Yes! There are two ways to do this. You can call our Support Squad (800) 767-7268 and we can make the change for you, or you can change your lance level in the settings tab of your Pops Rebel mobile app.   

    What is your return policy if I am unhappy with my meter?

    • You can call our Support Squad (800) 767-7268 if for any reason your meter is not working, and we will replace any non-working meter for free.   You also can cancel your subscription any time if you decide Pops is not for you.  

    Is it possible to use the free Pops Rebel app just to track my tests with another kit?

    • Unfortunately, Pops is an integrated system. You need our Rebel meter to work with our diabetes management app.

    Is this subscription covered by my insurance?

    • The Pops Rebel system is covered by some employers at no cost to you! However, if it is not part of your benefits plan, your FSA or HSA plan does cover it.

    Can I recycle my Pop-In Cartridges?

    • Request a recycle bag and do your part. Fill up the bag with your used Pop-ins, attach the prepaid label, and ship them back to us. Help recycle, reuse, and renew. A sustainable today means a sustainable future.

    Where can I find an owners manual for my Pops Rebel meter and learn more?

    Have more questions? Contact Pops Support Squad