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Time to Own Your Life

The Pops Self-care Platform is the most discreet and easy-to-use diabetes management system available. With Mina your 24x7 AI virtual coach, the Pops Ecosystem, and our patented and FDA cleared Rebel glucose meter, you'll never be defined by diabetes again.

Meet Mina

Who's Mina? What can she do?

It is easy to forget everything from your last glucose test to when you had your eyes last checked. 

Say Hi to Mina (mee-nah), your virtual health assistant for diabetes!  Mina will help you show diabetes who's boss by keeping you aware of the things you should be doing, sharing simple tips with you, and providing you access to your diabetes data all in one place.

Get A Starter Kit
  • Mina will help you set reminders, keep track of your goals, and be a pep of encouragement in your back pocket.

  • Need someone who will have your back? Add your family, friends, and care team to receive notifications.

  • Walks, sunshine, and smiles are all good things. Mina will help you create positive patterns to lead you to better management.

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The Rebel Meter

What is the Pops Rebel Meter? How does it work?

Small, Accurate, and Requires No Assembly

Simply open the meter cover, lance, and place your sample. Your results are sent wirelessly to your smartphone and display in our app. Mina, your app digital coach, provides tips and reminders to help you manage your diabetes and own your life.

Pops Ecosystem

What is an Ecosystem? Who's in Pops Ecosystem?

Managing all the aspects of diabetes can be hard.   Where you experience barriers, Pops' partners bring solutions to make life easier.  

Interested in learning more about your Heart Health or need to measure your A1c?  Try imaware's at-home tests.  

 Don't know which vitamin is good for diabetes?  Vous Vitamin will deliver them to your door. 

Subscribe now, and Mina will help you with these services, and more, with significant discounts!   We are continually adding new partner solutions to the Pops Ecosystem, which you will find valuable in making your life easier. 

  • Lab grade testing at home

    Our tests help you detect & analyze your physical wellbeing with accurate & actionable lab results — all from the comfort of home. Enter code POPS15 for 15% off any I'mAware test.

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  • Nourish to thrive, not just survive

    Be a part of exclusive webinars and live chats where Chef Marshall shares recipes and educates on healthy (but delicious) nutrition practices.

    Learn More 
  • Personalized vitamins to your door

    Wondering what type of vitamin is right for you? Enter code MINA for 30% your first 3 months of subscription with Vous Vitamins.

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  • "Being able to enter notes with each test is great because you can keep a food log at all times! This is going to be so helpful in managing blood sugar levels!"

  • “Mina is with me, and supporting me, no matter where I am. I feel free again to do whatever I want to do and diabetes cannot stop me."

  • "I LOVE that I don’t have to fumble for my lancing device, my container of strips, and my meter in order to test. Using the Pops Rebel just makes sense, because who doesn’t have their smart phone with them these days? Two taps of the phone screen and I’m ready to test!"

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